Eruditus Career Services (Plus) supports proactive career management and growth for participants. Eruditus Executive Education believes that career growth and success depend on two aspects:

  • Enhancing skills and competence
  • Proactively elevating your career

Our programmes are designed to advance your skills and competence in your area of interest, while Eruditus Career Services (Plus) are curated to enable you to effectively elevate your career to reach your career aspirations.

Please note:

– This service is available only for Indian residents enrolled into select Eruditus programmes. Please check your programme brochure to see if your programme includes Eruditus Career Services (Plus).

– Eruditus Career Services (Plus) empowers you to manage your career proactively and assists you with a job search. It does NOT promise or guarantee a job or progression in your current job.

– This service is provided by Eruditus. Our partner Educational Institutions are not involved in providing Eruditus Career Services (Plus).

Career Services Plus Offerings

1. Career Management Workshops (Group sessions):

    • Building an Impressive Resume (Group Session):

A 90-minute webinar by career management experts from the industry covering the basic elements of building the correct resume to attract the right opportunities.

    • Enhancing Personal Branding (LinkedIn Profile) (Group Session):

A 90-minute webinar by career management experts from the industry who will tell us why LinkedIn is an essential personal branding tool and how to utilize it for professional networking, job search and more.

    • Personal Branding and Preparing for an Interview (Group Session):

A 90-minute webinar by career management experts from the industry who will impart an overview of the branding concept which will help students communicate their value and unique assets (personal brand) to others in the professional work.

2. Personalised Profiling & Discussion on career goals (One-on-One):
Individual 30-minute coaching session on –

  • Feedback on resume & LinkedIn profile
  • Discussion on career goals & action plan to achieve career goals

3. Mock Interviews (One-on-One):
Individual online 30-minute mock interview session –

  • 25 – 30 minutes mock interview for the desired role in the job market, followed by feedback on areas of strength and areas of improvement.
  • Tips on how to present yourselves in an interview for maximum impact.

4. Job Search Support (One-on-One):
The Eruditus Career Services (CS) Team will work with you during your course tenure and present relevant job opportunities to you. Some of these job opportunities may translate into job interviews depending on whether your profile matches the job position.
For this, the CS Team will –

  • Understand your profile and your desired role.
  • Share your profile with the recruiters’ network.

If you have questions about Eruditus Career Services (Plus), please write to