The General Management Programme for Executives – Dubai is designed to help business managers transform into multi-skilled business leaders. The programme is designed to ensure participants formally learn frameworks and best practices in the areas of leadership, strategy, finance, marketing, operations, digital and analytics.

The General Management Programme for Executives – Dubai is an intensive, 9-month, multi-modular, face-to-face programme. Participants will experience a world-class learning journey via face-to-face classes in Dubai and a campus immersion at IIM Lucknow, India.


  • On successful completion of the programme, participants will be eligible for Executive Alumni status of IIM Lucknow.
  • Have a general understanding of management.
  • Deal with day to day cross-functional activities at their organisation.
  • Create effective business models and marketing plans.
  • Develop growth, sales and communication strategies.
  • Address transformational challenges at their organisation.
  • Develop strategic negotiating skills.
  • Manage profitable P&L accounts.
  • Have a sustainable competitive perspective.
  • Leverage team strength.
  • Develop an understanding of performance management.


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      Coming Soon


      9 months
      (Residential - IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus, India ( 1 visit – 5 days ) | Non - residential - Dubai, UAE)


      AED 34,125 (includes 5% UAE VAT)

    Who is this Programme For

    • Minimum 5 years of work experience.
    • Mid-level or senior-level executives.
    • Confident fluency in written and spoken English.

    Programme Modules & Faculty


    • The engines and mechanics of economic growth
    • Monetary policy and output growth
    • The recent global economic crisis – the genesis and the policy remedies
    • Financial Accounting Framework: Scope & Overview
    • Preparation of Financial Statements
    • Analyzing Annual Reports
    • Cost concepts and classification
    • Activity Based Costing
    • Cost Analysis for decision making and control
    • Employee Engagement
    • Performance Management
    • Understanding Consumer Choices & Consumer value
    • Segmenting, targeting and positioning
    • Elements of marketing mix – 6 Ps of New marketing
    • Strategic Marketing
    • Understanding self: Individual in an organisation
    • Managing Workgroups and team
    • Concept of Value & Return to Shareholders
    • Investment, Financing & Dividend Decisions
    • Creating EVA & MVA
    • Understanding Relationships Close-Loop Marketing
    • Customer Lifetime Value and Profitability
    • Customer Acquisition and Customer Loyalty
    • Customer Satisfaction Index and Customer Retention
    • Word of Mouth and Branding as CRM
    • Business reports & Proposal Writing
    • Strategies for cross-cultural communication
    • Effective Corporate Communication
    • External Environment Analysis, Industry Structure Analysis
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Corporate Strategy
    • International Strategy
    • Managing Change
    • Operations Strategy and Competitiveness
    • Product/Services Design & Development
    • Scale & Capacity Planning
    • Forecasting & Operation Plans
    • Project Management
    • 5-Dimensional Framework of Negotiating Ability
    • Negotiation Planning and Process
    • Negotiation Strategy
    • Complex Negotiations
    • Closing the Deal
    • Buying Process
    • Perpetual Mapping
    • Learning & Memory
    • Concept of business sustainability
    • Competitive analysis in carbon-constrained economy
    • Challenges of integrating sustainability strategies with core business strategies
    • Corporate branding and positioning around sustainability
    • Understanding the Creative process
    • Improving/developing creative potential
    • Understanding cognitive system
    • Role of nudges in influencing others
    • Understanding the Online Consumer
    • Digital Advertising
    • E-Commerce Models
    • Online Marketing Research
    • Web Analytics
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Social Listening and Social Media ROI
    • Mobile Marketing
    • Business Strategy
    • Digitizing the product
    • Digitizing the customer experience
    • Digitizing internal operations & processes
    • Digitizing external supply chain
    • Leadership Theories
    • Lessons in Leadership from Literature
    • Leadership Styles
    • Persuasive Leaders
    • Ethics in Leadership
    • Is the Mega Finale of the 22-days intensive General Management Programme for Executives – Dubai. The participants would identify the management problem, develop and evaluate the alternative course of action and suggest the best option.


    Prof. Amit Agrahari
    Prof. Amit Agrahari Information Technology
    Prof. Pradeep Kumar
    Prof. Pradeep Kumar Information Technology
    Prof. D Tripati Rao
    Prof. D Tripati Rao Business Environment
    Prof. Chandan Sharma
    Prof. Chandan Sharma Business Environment
    Prof. Prem P Dewani
    Prof. Prem P Dewani Marketing
    Prof. Rajeev Kumra
    Prof. Rajeev Kumra Marketing
    Prof. Anadi Pande
    Prof. Anadi Pande Strategic Management
    Prof. Neeraj Dwivedi
    Prof. Neeraj Dwivedi Strategy
    Prof. Ajay K Garg
    Prof. Ajay K Garg Financial Management
    Prof. Prakash Singh
    Prof. Prakash Singh Financial Management
    Prof. Seshadev Sahoo
    Prof. Seshadev Sahoo Financial Management
    Prof. Vikas Srivastava
    Prof. Vikas Srivastava Financial Management
    Prof. Sushil Kumar (BS)
    Prof. Sushil Kumar (BS) General Management
    Prof. Archana Shukla
    Prof. Archana Shukla Human Resource Management
    Prof. Nishant Uppal
    Prof. Nishant Uppal Human Resource Management
    Prof. P Priyadarshi
    Prof. P Priyadarshi Human Resource Management
    Prof. Pankaj Kumar
    Prof. Pankaj Kumar Human Resource Management
    Prof. Neerja Pande
    Prof. Neerja Pande Communication
    Prof. Payal Mehra
    Prof. Payal Mehra Communication
    Prof. Suresh K Jakhar
    Prof. Suresh K Jakhar Operations Management
    Prof. Sushil Kumar (OM)
    Prof. Sushil Kumar (OM) Operations Management

    Programme Fee

    Dates Length Location Tuition Fees
    Coming Soon 9 months Residential - IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus, India ( 1 visit – 5 days ) | Non - residential - Dubai, UAE AED 34,125
    Remarks Instalment Amount
    Full Payment AED 34,125 Within 5 days of confirmation
    Down Payment AED 8,625 Within 5 days of confirmation
    Instalment 1 to 7 AED 4,000 7 PDCs - 05th of every month

    Student Loan Details

    We currently do not offer Student Loans for this programme. However, we are working on providing an option and will alert you as soon as it is made available.