The marketing landscape is evolving rapidly. Marketing professionals are developing ingenious ways to break through the clutter and ensure their marketing communication strategies stand out from the crowd. As digital media influences every sphere of our lives, there’s a need for a strategic, insightful and disciplined approach to marketing. From early-career professionals to business leaders, a thorough knowledge of relevant tools and techniques is a must to delight customers and stay ahead of the competition.

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Sales & Marketing Communication programme from MICA (formerly known as Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad) will help you strategically think of marketing challenges and recalibrate ways of connecting and influencing customers through digital and traditional channels. This programme will enable you with an end-to-end understanding of key concepts in strategic marketing, sales and communication, including the fundamentals and marketing interventions leading to digital transformations in marketing functions. Through this programme, you will gain fundamental knowledge, skills and frameworks needed to manage effective and integrated sales and marketing communication strategies.


  • EVALUATE - Learn how to evaluate and assess evolving market dynamics
  • ALIGN - Understand how to effectively align strategic marketing, sales and communication initiatives with the overall business strategy
  • UNDERSTAND - Gain a practical understanding of branding and omnichannel marketing along with their business impact
  • EXPLORE - Explore frameworks and tools needed to enhance decision-making capabilities
  • DEVELOP & LEAD - Understand how to develop and lead effective sales and marketing teams
  • IMPLEMENT - Gain exposure to the techniques, challenges and nuances in implementing sales, marketing and communication activities


Post-Graduate Certificate in Sales & Marketing Communication - Certificate Click to view certificate



      19 May 2021


      9 Months
      (Live Online Sessions
      Twice a Week: Wednesday & Thursday - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM)


      INR 1,25,000 + GST

    Who is this Programme For

    • Marketing Managers, Product Managers, and Sales Managers who are responsible for marketing & sales of products and services of their organisation
    • Advertising and PR professionals seeking to build on and refine their advertising strategies basis current market trends and best practices
    • Brand managers interested in strengthening their management and leadership skills to conceptualise superior brand strategies
    • Leaders who want to become more knowledgeable about effective sales, marketing and brand management strategies
    • Entrepreneurs and business owners, who have the ambition to grow their business through effective sales, marketing and communication strategies
    • Professionals who have recently taken a role or aspiring to establish a career in the Sales, Digital Marketing, Branding, Advertising and PR domains
    • Eligibility - Minimum 1 year of work experience is mandatory. Graduation from a recognised University in any discipline

    Programme Modules & Faculty


    • Introduction to the marketing process and martech
    • Marketing environment
    • Fundamentals of marketing – marketing vs sales, marketing mix, segmentation, targeting and positioning
    • Aligning marketing activities to business objectives
    • Marketing frameworks including marketing mix variables for marketing strategy
    • Developing and driving integrated, customer-centric marketing strategies
    • Innovations and contemporary issues in marketing
    • Introducing marketing of services in the hybrid format
    • Understanding customer expectations
    • Managing customer relationships
    • Managing service recovery
    • Pricing for services
    • Managing service quality
    • Consumer decision-making process
    • Culture and subcultures
    • Consumer motivation, learning and perception
    • Attitudes and beliefs
    • Segmentation and personalisation
    • Creating customer personas and the customer journey to understand key marketing moments
    • Overview of marketing research: fundamental and contemporary practices
    • Research design
    • Qualitative and quantitative methods for decision-making
    • Online and offline data collection and analysis tools
    • Keyword research and analysis
    • Report writing
    • Scope of B2B marketing
    • Organisational buying behaviour
    • Developing and managing offerings
    • Pricing and negotiating value
    • Business marketing channel management
    • Customer relationships in the B2B environment
    • Business Marketing Strategy and Processes
    • Innovation, branding and competitive strategy
    • Introduction to sales and distribution – channels and functions
    • Overview of supply chain management
    • Translating corporate strategy to sales strategies
    • Sales planning, budgeting and forecasting
    • Channel/ multi-channel management and integration
    • Territory mapping and management
    • Building and nurturing sales teams
    • Sales recruitment and performance management
    • Leaderships aspects – leading teams, motivation, conflict resolution
    • The personal selling process, negotiation techniques and skills
    • Role and scope of marketing communications
    • Marketing communication mix
    • Content strategies
    • Media channels
    • Developing a marketing communications campaign
    • Budget management
    • Corporate communications – corporate personality, identity and branding corporate reputation framework
    • Role of social media and digital business strategies
    • Introduction to advertising – objective, functions and elements of effective advertising
    • Different formats of advertising and their impacts and relevance
    • Theoretical aspects to advertising – concepts and appeals – cognitive model, affective and conative, emotional, fear, humour, sex, rationality, scarcity etc.
    • AIDA and hierarchy of effects model
    • Promotional strategies
    • Advertising agencies
    • Introducing brand management
    • Managing and measuring brand equity
    • Brands and social media
    • Managing brand extension
    • Managing brands over time
    • Brand portfolio management
    • Sustainability branding
    • Understanding CRM and relationships
    • CRM projects and databases
    • Customer portfolio management
    • CRM and customer experience; creating value for customers
    • Customer acquisition strategies and customer retention strategies
    • Sales force automation, marketing automation and service automation
    • Organisational issues and CRM
    • The impact of data and technology in today’s world
    • Digital marketing analytics to monitor and optimise efforts across channels and platforms
    • Online consumer decision Journey
    • Digital communication platforms: search (AdWords), social, email, display, video
    • The digital marketing ecosystem
    • SEO and re-targeting techniques
    • Content marketing
    • Metrics, analytics, review, course-correction


    Dr Anita Basalingappa
    Dr Anita Basalingappa

    Professor, Marketing & Chairperson - Online Programmes, MICA

    Dr Anita Basalingappa’s expertise lies in the field of marketing theory and practice, given her experience in academia, training and consulting for over 25 years. Before joining MICA in 2004, she was associated with Vishesh Advertising Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and KLE society’s Management Institute and Karnatak University, Dharwad.

    She has been a recipient of the prestigious Dr D. C. Pavate Visiting Fellowship at the Judge Business School and Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge, U.K. At MICA, she has held administrative positions of Chair-Marketing Area, Chair-Research, Chair-Admissions and Chair-Fellow Programmes in Management. She has been a visiting faculty on invite at reputed Institutions such as EDI, IIMA, IIMI, FLAME, SPJIMR, and IIM Kashipur.

    She has been teaching marketing strategy using simulations such as MARKSTRAT & Blue Ocean Strategy Simulation; Brand Management; Customer Relationship Management; Services Marketing and Marketing Theory across residential and online programmes at MICA. Her research and consulting interests include marketing theory, sustainability & street markets, regional brands & rural markets, and social media behaviour of brands & users.

    She holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree in Mathematics, an MBA in Marketing and a PhD in Customer Relationship Marketing from Karnatak University, Dharwad, India.

    Programme Fee

    Dates Length Location Tuition Fees
    May 19, 2021 9 Months Live Online Sessions
    Twice a Week: Wednesday & Thursday - 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM
    INR 1,25,000 + GST
    Deadline Application Fee
    Round 1 Mar 24, 2021 INR 2,500 + GST
    Round 2 Apr 16, 2021 INR 2,500 + GST
    Round 3 May 11, 2021 INR 2,500 + GST
    Remarks Instalment Amount
    Instalment 1 May 24, 2021 INR 50,000 + GST
    Instalment 2 Sep 10, 2021 INR 40,000 + GST
    Instalment 3 Dec 10, 2021 INR 35,000 + GST

    Student Loan Details

    Loan Amount Available Tenure (months) EMI
    INR 1,40,125 36 INR 5,181


    • The above EMI’s are indicative. The EMI’s offered by each of the loan providers might vary from the above figures, depending upon tenure and loan amount to be disbursed.
    • Other EMI tenures available (Months):
      Propelld: 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48
      Eduvanz: 12/24/36/48

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    This programme includes live online classes. To attend a live online class you will need to have a PC/Laptop/Mac with

    • Speakers and microphone: built-in or a USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
    • Webcam: built-in or USB plug-in
    • Processor: with Dual Core 2Ghz or higher (i3/i5/i7 or AMD equivalent)
    • RAM: 4 GB or higher
    • OS: Either MacOS 10.7 or higher OR Windows 8 or higher
    • An internet connection: Minimum bandwidth of 3.0 Mbps (up/down)
    • Browser: IE 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
    • Zoom software client installed on your PC/Laptop/Mac

    We use the Zoom software application to conduct live online classes. Zoom works on a variety of PCs/Laptops/Mac systems and also on phones and tablets. You can join your live online class from a phone or tablet if it supports the Zoom client. We recommend that you attend classes from a PC/Laptop/Mac.