Product strategy is a necessity when planning the launch, marketing and overall life cycle of a product. It's importance in the growth of a business is incalculable. A great strategy is the difference between a great business and a good business.

To build excellent products that deliver value throughout their life cycle, IIM Kozhikode has launched the Product Strategy for Business Success programme.

Designed to give you an end-to-end understanding of a product's life cycle, the programme will help you develop comprehensive product strategy skills, give you an in-depth knowledge of product positioning and branding, and marketing communication and logistics to execute product strategy successfully.


  • Define product strategy and its characteristics
  • Identify the vision, values, methods, obstacles, and measures for a product's strategy
  • Evaluate a company and product line to recommend a successful product strategy
  • Apply viable and exciting approaches for the development of a new product
  • Identify markets and competitor's orientation to develop a product strategy
  • Describe how to design sales, go-to-market and pricing strategy of a product
  • Identify different market segments and effective target groups
  • Integrate marketing communication and product pricing to a product strategy


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      30 March 2021


      3 Months


      INR 71,750 + GST

    Who is this Programme For

    The Product Strategy for Business Success programme is ideal for professionals from both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

    • Business managers and leaders involved at any point in a product’s life cycle
    • Professionals who may be directly responsible for product or portfolio strategy
    • Professionals involved in a product's life cycle in areas such as sales, marketing, operations, finance, or R&D
    • Professionals focused on using technology as a competitive differentiator, even from non-tech verticals
    • Professionals responsible for driving a product's development who want to understand frameworks and tools that can improve the development cycle for better results
    • ELIGIBILITY: Graduate or Diploma-holders (10+2+3) in any discipline. Minimum one (1) year of work experience

    Programme Modules & Faculty


    • What is a product and its types?
    • Product mix and product lines
    • Product lines
    • Define Product Strategy
    • Characteristics of Product Strategy
    • Role of Product Strategy in product management
    • Product Strategy and organisation’s role
    • Holistic approach to Product Strategy
    • Factors influencing Product Strategy
    • Value creation – How a product is connected to customer
    • Value communication
    • Value delivery
    • Co-creation
    • Traditional vs. contemporary value delivery processes
    • Porter’s value chain
    • Case Study – Indraprastha Ice & Cold Storage
    • What is and is not a strategy?
    • Porter’s generic strategy
    • Competitive strategy
    • SWOT analysis
    • Core competency and its characteristics
    • Strategic planning, implementation and controlling process
    • Strategic business units and its relevance for successful Product Strategy
    • A strategic Alliance case study – UTV & Disney
    • What is disruptive innovation?
    • Disruptive innovation model or theory
    • Ansoff’s product market expansion grid
    • Market opportunity analysis for innovative products
    • Disruptive innovation when customer tend to maintain status quo
    • Disruptive innovation when organisation wants to maintain status quo
    • Growth strategy and strategic planning gaps
    • Disruptive innovation case – Aqualiza quartz case study
    • Process in product development
    • Product planning
    • Methods to identify customer needs
    • Product features and specifications
    • Concept generation
    • Concept selection
    • Concept testing
    • Product launching
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach
    • Minimum Delightful Product (MDP) approach
    • Market segmentation
    • Target market selection
    • Define buyers’ personas
    • Creating buyer’s persona
    • Market orientation
    • Competitor orientation
    • Case Study – Product Strategy to beat competition
    • Select the best route to market
    • Vertical and horizontal channel systems (VMS and HMS)
    • Role of value network and channels for successful Product Strategy
    • Channel members’ functions and flow of marketing channels
    • Management of channel conflict
    • Different sales strategy
    • Manage sales force perception
    • Sales force compensation
    • What is product positioning?
    • Point of Parity (POP) and Point of Difference (POD)
    • What is product branding?
    • How to create a strong brand positioning?
    • Develop a brand positioning statement through perceptual brand mapping
    • Customer-based brand equity
    • Brand mantra and slogan
    • Case study on Launch of Pleasure Scooter
    • What is integrated communication in Product Strategy?
    • Different communication platforms
    • Advertising for product success
    • Use of puffery, self-esteem and sexual appeal in advertising product
    • Communication models
    • Case study on communication
    • Define pricing of product
    • Pricing principles
    • Product pricing strategy
    • Behavioural pricing for product
    • Consumer’s price-quantity latitude
    • Reference pricing
    • Participative pricing
    • Price and non-price competition
    • Brand leader’s response to competitive price cut

    Apply the concepts and techniques learned in the ten modules

    • Identify the Issue related to product strategy in
    • the given product example What solutions they propose?

    Note: Modules/ topics are indicative only, and the suggested time and sequence may be dropped/ modified/ adapted
    to fit the total programme hours.


    Prof. Atanu Adhikari, PhD
    Prof. Atanu Adhikari, PhD

    Programme Director and Professor of Marketing,

    Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode

    Professor Atanu Adhikari, is a Commonwealth Academic Fellow to London Business School UK, visiting researcher to Syracuse University USA. He is a PhD (ICFAI University with one year visiting program at Syracuse University, USA), an MBA (Gold Medallist, IISWBM, University of Calcutta), and a BE (National Institute of Technology, Durgapur). He is actively involved in scholarly academic research work, which has been published in many national and international peer-reviewed academic journals and presented in conferences. He has co-authored several books published by leading international publishers and has also authored several case studies that are published and distributed by Ivey Publishing, Canada and Harvard Business Publishing, USA.

    Programme Fee

    Dates Length Location Tuition Fees
    March 30, 2021 3 Months Online INR 71,750 + GST
    Remarks Instalment Amount
    Booking Amount Within 7 days post selection INR 26,250 + GST
    Instalment 1 Mar 23, 2021 INR 22,750 + GST
    Instalment 2 Apr 30, 2021 INR 22,750 + GST

    Student Loan Details

    We currently do not offer Student Loans for this programme. However, we are working on providing an option and will alert you as soon as it is made available.


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