Digital disruptions led by emerging technologies, automation and data analytics have transformed the business-as-usual ways of managing manufacturing and service operations. Globally, businesses are realising the need to continuously adapt, evolve and transform their operations towards digitisation, not only as an innovative option but as an operational necessity. With the 'Make in India' initiative aiming to create 100 million jobs in the manufacturing sector by 2022 (IBEF, 2020), there is a high demand for skilled professionals in operations management and analytics with strategic business acumen.

The Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Operations Management & Analytics from the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode (IIM Kozhikode) provides a nuanced understanding of advanced concepts and practices in this domain. Joining this comprehensive programme will enable you to explore how effective operations management driven by analytics can lead to improved efficiencies, significant cost savings, higher customer satisfaction, and organisational excellence.


- Receive a Certificate of Completion from one of India's leading B-Schools (NIRF, 2020)
- Learn from distinguished IIM Kozhikode faculty, Eruditus global faculty & reputed industry experts
- Gain practical insights and experience high-impact learning with real-world case studies
- Be eligible for the lifelong Executive Alumni Status and expand your professional network
- Explore best practices and advanced perspectives in effective operations management & analytics
- Gain hands-on learning through a project and assimilate learnings from industry-oriented curriculum


  • Understand effective operations management along with analytical techniques and their applications across domains
  • Learn about project lifecycles and various project planning and management techniques like PERT, CPM, among others
  • Gain expertise in economic order quantity, inventory classification and other inventory management techniques
  • Develop an in-depth proficiency in supply chain management including network strategy, sustainability and forecasting
  • Learn quality management principles like total quality management along with in-demand tools and methodologies
  • Gain a robust perspective on Six Sigma, lean operations management, risk management and innovation, operational leadership, and change management


Professional Certificate Programme in Advanced Operations Management & Analytics - Certificate Click to view certificate



      28 March 2021


      10 Months
      (Live Online Sessions
      Every Sunday: 6:45 PM to 9:45 PM)


      INR 1,60,000 + GST

    Who is this Programme For

    Whether you are an experienced professional in any major manufacturing or service-providing organisation, or a small business owner, understanding the integration of operations management with data analytics is critical to success. Gain expertise in lean operations management and analytics to improve project planning, manage the production scheduling process, and apply forecasting to meet demand-related challenges.

    This programme is best suited for:

    • Early-stage professionals who are aspiring for a career in operations management
    • Professionals in operations management roles like manufacturing, logistics, SCM, design, procurement, processes, project & technology management, etc. looking to upgrade their skills
    • Mid to senior-level managers looking to acquire a strategic mindset and learn advanced concepts in operations management and analytics to transition into senior leadership roles
    • Business leaders interested in leveraging effective operations strategies and analytics in improving operational efficiencies and achieving business outcomes
    • Consultants seeking to explore contemporary issues and strategies in operations, supply chain management, quality control, and inventory management
    • Entrepreneurs and business owners looking to improve productivity, competitiveness, and profitability of their organisation through effective operations management and analytics
    • ELIGIBILITY: Graduates (10+2+3)/ Diploma Holders (only 10+2+3) in any discipline from a recognised university with minimum 1 year of work experience (after graduation or diploma) as on Jan 30, 2021

    Programme Modules & Faculty


    • Fundamentals of operations in manufacturing and services
    • Process and systems view of the organisation
    • Product process matrix, process analysis
    • Macroeconomics and supply chain
    • Statistics for managers
    • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive
    • Data visualisation and interpretation
    • Decision Tree
    • Simulations
    • Project lifecycle management
    • CPM and PERT
    • Project scheduling
    • Critical chain project management
    • Economic order quantity
    • Inventory classifications
    • Supply chain planning, concepts, processes and bottlenecks
    • Supply chain structure and design
    • Network strategy
    • Strategic sourcing and procurement
    • Sustainability
    • Forecasting and Supply chain analytics
    • Quality management principles and TQM
    • Quality dimensions and measures
    • Quality tools and methodologies
    • Implementing quality planning and assurance
    • Quality analytics
    • Six Sigma and Lean management concepts
    • Theory of constraints
    • Linking operations to overall organisational strategy
    • Linking operations to financial goals
    • Risk management and innovation
    • Operational leadership and change management

    Note: Modules/ topics are indicative only, and the suggested time and sequence may be dropped/ modified/ adapted to fit the total programme hours.


    Prof. Ram Kumar P. N. (Programme Director)
    Prof. Ram Kumar P. N. (Programme Director)

    Associate Professor,

    Quantitative Methods and Operations Management

    Professor Ram Kumar has an M.E. in Industrial Engineering from PSG Tech Coimbatore and a PhD from IIT Madras. His research areas include transportation network optimisation, military logistics, and operations research in healthcare. He is currently working on a project that tries to understand the suitability of ant colony algorithms for convoy movement problems. He is also the Chairperson of Doctoral Programmes at IIM Kozhikode.

    Recent Publications:

    – Wenli Li, Kunpeng Li, P N Ram Kumar and Qiannan Tian (2021) ‘Simultaneous product and service delivery vehicle routing problem with time windows and order release dates’, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Vol. 89, pp. 669 – 687.

    – Hamid Mokhtar, Mohan Krishnamoorthy, Niraj Ramesh Dayama, P.N. Ram Kumar (2020), ‘New approaches for solving the convoy movement problem’, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, Vol. 133.

    – Wenli Li, Yong Wu, P N Ram Kumar & Kunpeng Li (2020), ‘Multi-trip vehicle routing problem with order release time’, Engineering Optimization, Vol. 52(8), pp. 1279-1294.

    Prof. Anand G. (Programme Faculty)
    Prof. Anand G. (Programme Faculty)

    Associate Professor,

    Quantitative Methods and Operations Management

    Prof. Soumya Roy (Programme Faculty)
    Prof. Soumya Roy (Programme Faculty)

    Assistant Professor,

    Quantitative Methods and Operations Management

    Prof. Arqum Mateen (Programme Faculty)
    Prof. Arqum Mateen (Programme Faculty)

    Assistant Professor,

    Quantitative Methods and Operations Management

    Programme Fee

    Dates Length Location Tuition Fees
    March 28, 2021 10 Months Live Online Sessions
    Every Sunday: 6:45 PM to 9:45 PM
    INR 1,60,000 + GST
    Deadline Application Fee
    Round 1 Jan 25, 2021 INR 1,500 + GST
    Round 2 Feb 22, 2021 INR 2,000 + GST
    Round 3 Mar 18, 2021 INR 2,500 + GST
    Remarks Instalment Amount
    Booking Amount Within 7 days post selection INR 25,000 + GST
    Instalment 1 Apr 1, 2021 INR 45,000 + GST
    Instalment 2 Jul 1, 2021 INR 50,000 + GST
    Instalment 3 Oct 1, 2021 INR 40,000 + GST

    Student Loan Details

    Loan Amount Available Tenure (months) EMI
    INR 1,79,360 36 INR 6,631


    • The above EMI’s are indicative. The EMI’s offered by each of the loan providers might vary from the above figures, depending upon tenure and loan amount to be disbursed.
    • Other EMI tenures available (Months):
      Propelld: 12/18/24/30/36/42/48
      Eduvanz: 12/24/36/48

    Please visit Students Loans and Financing for details on how to avail a student loan.


    This programme includes live online classes. To attend a live online class you will need to have a PC/ Laptop/ Mac with

    • Speakers and microphone: built-in or a USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
    • Webcam: built-in or USB plug-in
    • Processor: with Dual Core 2Ghz or higher (i3/ i5/ i7 or AMD equivalent)
    • RAM: 4 GB or higher
    • OS: Either MacOS 10.7 or higher OR Windows 8 or higher
    • An internet connection: Minimum bandwidth of 3.0 Mbps (up/ down)
    • Browser: IE 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
    • Zoom software client installed on your PC/ Laptop/ Mac

    We use the Zoom software application to conduct live online classes. Zoom works on a variety of PCs/ Laptops/ Mac systems and also on phones and tablets. You can join your live online class from a phone or tablet if it supports the Zoom client. We recommend that you attend classes from a PC/ Laptop/ Mac.